How To Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools

After creating a website, one most important step is to Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools.

Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool is a free tool provided by Google for the Webmasters.

many new bloggers don't know how to submit a website to Google Webmaster tools or search console.

so in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add your website to Google webmaster tools.

How To Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools

First of all you need a Google account to submit your website on search console.
Now go to Google webmaster tools and sign in by using your website.

Enter your website URL and click on the Add Property button.

Add property on google search console

After adding your site you have to verify your ownership of your website.

Verify your site ownership
Click on Alternate methods and select HTML tag radio button.

after that copy the meta tag

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="site-verification-code" />

and paste that code in the <head> section

how to add google verification code
after placing site verification code click on the verify button.

that's it your website is connected with Google Search Console.

Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools Using Yoast SEO plugin

if you developed your website on Wordpress and using Yoast SEO plugin.

then you can follow these steps.

copy the only verification code of your site 

google verification code
after that login into WordPress dashboard and you will see the setting menu on the left-hand side.

now click on the SEO then click General

yoast seo plugin
now go to webmaster tools tab and paste verification code on Google verification code box.

place Google verification code on Yoast SEO
and click on the save changes button.

now go to Google search console and click on the verify button.

Congrats. now your Wordpress website submitted to Google webmaster.

after that, you can submit your website sitemap to Google Webmaster tools.

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