How To Submit Sitemap In Google Webmaster Tools

When we create a website,  we want to index our site on search engines like Google.

one of the most important tasks we have to perform that is to submit our blog sitemap XML on search engines.

many newbies don't know how to list their site's on search engines.

so now I am going to share with you how to submit your blog sitemap XML to Google webmaster tools aka Google Search console.

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google for the webmasters.

I have already shared how to create evergreen SEO-Boosting sitemap XML for your website.

if you want to learn more about sitemap from the Wikipedia.

Sitemap XML Submission in Google Webmaster Tool

if you want to submit sitemap XML in Google then you must have a Google account and you have already verified your site in Google Search Console.

Verification of your blog's in Google webmaster tool is a very simple process.

now Go to Google Search console dashboard here and click on sitemaps.

submit sitemap in google

and then click on the Add/Test Sitemap 

Add/Test Sitemap

now submit your sitemap XML URLs

Add/Test Sitemap
after submitting a sitemap XML for a new blog, it can take some time to indexed and then you can see how many pages submitted and indexed of your website or blog.

Analytics Sitemap

congrats you successfully submitted your blog's sitemap XML in google webmasters.

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