How To Build Backlinks To Your Website For Free

Can you guess How many Backlinks is required for the website ranking?

the answer is


you can't because only Search Engines know how to use ranking factors including c.

What is Backlinks

A backlink is a link coming from other sites to your website.

if you are building backlinks then you should be careful to build only natural link.

How to Build High-Quality-Backlinks

How to create Backlinks

A backlink is very important for a website because it is a ranking factor then how we can create backlinks.

Let's see.

for Example when you read a book A then the author of that books suggest you read the book B means it is a backlink given by the author for the book B.

now I am going to give backlink to Google and Wikipedia.

as you can see the above line I gave two backlinks one for Google and another for the Wikipedia.

there are many sources to build backlink that will improve your search ranking.

I personally used many of them to build a link for getting high traffic to my site.

Why Backlinks are Important

backlinks are very important because all the major search engines use it as a most important ranking factor.

that's why many websites owner tries to cheat search by building too many backlinks for their websites.

or follows some bad practices such as backlinks purchasing, link exchange etc. to increase the website ranking.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks

you can build a link by using many techniques.

follow these methods to build high-quality backlinks.

Guest Blogging

it is a common technique that is used by bloggers and website owners to build high-quality backlink.

you can write content for others website that is similar to your website and generate good do follow backlinks.


you can comment on the do follow blogs and make sure these blogs are similar to your blogs.


Quora is one of the most popular Question-Answers platforms.

you can help people answering their questions by putting a backlink to your site.

so you can use Quora for SEO Marketing.

Directory submission

you can submit your blog to top niche directories.

Social Network

submit your blog on top social networking sites.

Forum Submission

submit your blog on Forum sites and be a part of it.


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia use it well.

create one page on Wikipedia and submit your link in the resource section.

Facebook Groups: 

Facebook had 2.23 billion active users monthly.

create one Facebook groups and add members to it and share relevant links consistently.


create a youtube channel to share video and include the links to your site.

so what techniques you are using to build backlinks for your website?

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