11 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

in this article, I'm going to share with you 11 Digital marketing tools that will help you to do Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a very fast growing industry so that the job opportunities in this field is very high.

Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners

I have already shared about 9 Free Keyword Research Tools for digital marketing.

nowadays MBA or MCA holders are shifting their interest from programming to Digital marketing.

but if you are thinking to become a Digital marketer then you must have Digital marketing tools to perform the operation.

I personally use these tools for my marketing strategy and hope these marketing tools will give you benefit too.

List of Digital Marketing Tools

Here is the list of some marketing tools that will help you.

1. Alexa Rank Checker: 

Alexa Rank checker is an Amazon product. it is considered that if your Alexa Rank is good then you will get value for it.

Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners

you can download Alexa rank checker from chrome store.

2.Google Dictionary: 

if you want to become a digital marketer then your communication skill must be strong.

So I use Google Dictionary because it is good for reading content on web pages.

you need to just double click on the word and it will show you the meaning of that word on the screen.

3. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a good tool for checking the technologies used on the websites.

Digital Marketing Tools

4. Grammarly: 

I like Grammarly very much because whenever I do any mistake then it shows me the error.

Digital Marketing Tools

it is a good marketing tool that you should use for grammatical mistake correction.

5 Google Similar pages:

it shows us how many sites are similar to the currently opened site.
Digital Marketing Tools

6. MozBar:

MozBar is very famous marketing tools because SEO and metrics information is a very important piece of data and MozBar help you to analyze it.

Digital Marketing Tools

7. SEOquake:

as it name indicates SEOquake is an SEO tool and very useful for all the marketers.

Digital Marketing Tools

8. Buffer:

Social media is the platform for all the marketers but Social media management is an important part of a marketer's job.

you must be active on the social media platforms as a marketer but sometimes it is difficult to handle all the social media platform.

so buffer is a marketing tool that makes your work easy. you can easily manage your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

9. WebRank SEO:

WebRank SEO is a very good tool as it shows how many backlinks a site is getting or daily Alexa traffic with much more.

10. Blogger:

Blogger is a blogging platform where a new digital marketer can start their own blog to share content.

11. Disqus

Disqus is one of the famous platforms to support users comment.

if you want to handle spammy comments then you can integrate it in your website or blog.

Digital Marketing Tools

so when you are going to start these Digital marketing tools?

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