Best Email Marketing Automation Tool For Free

How many Email marketing tools are you using to send automatic emails to your subscribers?

Email Marketing Automation is a technique to automate your email marketing strategy means how you send or connect to your subscribers via emails.

Email Marketing Automation Tools


before I have shared an article about digital marketing tools but unfortunately I forgot to include these email marketing tools on that list.

so here I will share with free or premium email marketing tools that you can use for your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Tools List

these are the most popular Email Marketing Automation tools using by the bloggers.


MailChimp is one of my favourite tools to automate email marketing.

it gives you free services until you do not get 2000 total subscribers and you can send them 12000 total emails for all list per month. Sign up and get your MailChimp account here.

MailChimp is forever free until your subscribers cross 2000.

you can check how the Forever free plan works

Zoho Campaigns:

Zoho Campaigns is one of the most famous tools for email marketing automation.

zoho also give you 12000 emails free per month for 2000 subscribers and it provides the free pre-designed template and template library and more features.


Aweber is a very popular email marketing services and features provider.

it is a premium email marketing automation tool but you can get it for free of one month.


Drip is another very popular tool for email marketing automation.

it provides you forever free plan and unlimited emails for 0-100 subscribers.

you can also use HelloBar to collect the Email. here you can check how to use HelloBar to collect emails.

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