How to Add Disqus Comment System For Blogger

Commenting on the others blog post is the best way to get a backlink.

How to Add or Integrate Disqus comment System in Your Website

so we can use it as blog marketing and promotional tool.

but many bloggers or website owners follow Blackhat SEO and for the backlinks, they use some spammy techniques to get the backlinks.

when I first started my blog that time I was unaware of comments spamming.

so I decided to learn how to moderates blog comments.

and what I did, you don't do that.

that's why today I'm going to share with you how you can moderates blog or website comment by adding Disqus comment system.

let's start.

First, go to Disqus and click on the get started button

How to Add or Integrate Disqus comment System in Your Website

after that signup or login with your social media account

and then click on I want to install Disqus on my site

now register your site with your website name and category

after that click on the create site button. and select the plan according to your budgets.

after selecting your plan, choose your platform

and then click on the configure button, it will generate code

and then click on the add widget button

it will add a widget to your blogger layout then drag Disqus widget below blog posts.

and click on the save arrangement button.

that's it you've done.

so which platform you are going to add Disqus comment system blogger or WordPress?

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