How To Create A Google+ Pages for Your Blog

Google+ is a product of Google.Inc, it is an internet-based social network.

How To Create A Google+ Brand Pages For Your Blog or Website

a lot of users use Google+ to connect with friends, family, even many companies use Google plus to engage with the customer.

I have already written about how to create a Facebook business page for your website or brand.

in this article, I'm going to show you how to create A Google+ brand pages for your website.

you must have a Google account to create a Google+ page for your brand.

so Let's begin.

First, go to the Google+ site

click on the sign in button and sign in with your Google account.

after login click on the Brands, almost last of the left sidebar menu
now create your Googl+p age clicking on 

and then enter your brand Account name
click on create and now your brand Google+ page is successfully created.

now you just have to enable it.

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