Best Way To Start A Blog 2018 (Beginner's Guide)

can you tell me what is the best way to start a blog as a beginner?


 Starting a blog can be easy for you, but choosing a niche for the blog it may be a little difficult.

so guys today I will share with you how to start a blog as a beginner.

Best way to Start a blog

we start blogging in any niche without knowing our interest on that topic.

but after sometimes we feel disappointed when we think to write the article.

here are some tips to write the article that you love to write.

the best way to start writing a blog is to find your interest and start writing. 

you can share your knowledge in the field that you are master.

it will be easy for you to write about your interest and you will feel better.

you know why I started blogging. I was very interested to learn Digital marketing.

one day I was searching for marketing or something on the google.

where I got a website. that website was offering courses for digital marketing in 6000 rupees.

but they gave me an offer to buy it for 4999 rupees, so I called my big brother and asked for money.

I took courses and started reading content they provided me. that was my first big mistake on the internet because of what content they provide me was worthless or of no value.

so I thought why not I should learn digital marketing using google.

here I shared why you should learn digital marketing

after that, I started to make the blog or website for the different-different niche relevant to my interest.

now I am sharing my journey to you as starting blogging.

what you need to do as a beginner. the most important is to find your interest, once you will find it, go ahead start taking action what is required for it.

How to Start a Blog

to start a blog you need a laptop or Desktop and an internet connection or some SEO tools, a connection may be wired or wireless,

or some interest to write about your thought

that's it.

second, you need to purchase a new domain (top-level eg- .com) and a web hosting.

you can take advantage of free hosting.

but I will recommend you to purchase your own hosting with a good hosting provider because if you use free hosting then there are limitations.

before starting a blog, you have the option to choose a better platform for blogging Wordpress or Blogger.

When you are going to start a blog or website?

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