How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research

Google Trends is the product of Google. it is used to analyze the popularity of top search queries on Google.

How To Use Google Trends for SEO

People from various regions and languages search millions of query on Google.

there is no source or tool to track their footprints but Google trends make it possible.

Google trends show us the comparison of the search queries volume using graphs.

you can explore the information about what people are searching on the web.

How to Use Google Trends

if you are a normal user then you can use it to know what the world is searching now.

but if you are a technical or professional person then you can explore the information of your interest. Ex. SEOs

Google Trends is a source of big data means a lot of data available in the database.

SEO can use this big data for Keyword research or keyword comparison.

Google Trends for SEO

just enter a keyword or term or topic to start the comparison. (see below image)

Why I use Google Trends

Generally, I use Google trends to compare the keyword after collecting from Google Keyword Planner.

here I've collected some keyword for the promotion or marketing of my site,

but I need to check which keyword is frequently using by the searchers.

so now I'm going to compare the keyword "online marketing" or "Digital marketing" or "internet marketing".

Use Google Trends for SEO

as you can see the red color is for "digital marketing" which is searched in huge numbers compare to "blue for "online marketing" or "internet marketing" is yellow.

even Google trends will show people interest in searches by region and times.

Use Google Trends for SEO
for online marketing
Use Google Trends for SEO
for digital marketing
Use Google Trends for SEO

according to people interest, you can select the best keyword to target your audience.

so when you are starting to use Google Trends for SEO benefits of your site or blog?

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