WordPress Vs Blogger Which is Better For Beginners

WordPress vs bloggerwhen we think to start a blog, it is very important to choose the best platform for blogging,

but as a newbie, we don't know which is better-

Wordpress or Blogger?.

there are many platforms available such as-

Blogger or Blogspot
tumblr etc.

in this article, I will share with you, which platform you should use as a beginner- Wordpress or blogger.

WordPress vs blogger- Which is the Best Platform


here you can identify which is better platform WordPress vs blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a product of Google, and it is totally free of cost to use.

Blogger is easy to use so you can get more comfortability with it. you can customize it with free or premium templates.

it means you need not worry to purchase web hosting for your blog.

blogger is also reliable because it can handle a huge amount of traffic.

but it has also some disadvantages like you don't have ownership means its a Google product so they can shut down it.

for example, you are a farmer who is working in other fields means you have only rights to cut the crop.

another disadvantage of the blogger is you can not use plugins for blog improvement.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress provides you facilities to manage your content. it is a free and open-source platform.

around 30% of websites are using Wordpress now on the internet.

Wordpress is very popular because it supports featured plugins for the particular requirement or you can develop your own plugin and use.

many plugins are free for use, but if you want more services then you need to purchase premium one.

you know why people love Wordpress platform because they can change their website or blog as they want.

even Wordpress provides facilities to Customize the theme. but this is not available on wordpress.com.

if you thinking theme customization is not available in wordpress.com,

so why I am telling it is better than Blogger. for it, you have to understand the difference between its two platforms.

Wordpress.com Vs wordpress.org


in the above images, I explained about the blogging platform, now you have to select which platform will be better for you as a beginner Wordpress vs Blogger?

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