My Best Blogging Tools For Your Website

Today I am going to share with you best blogging tools I personally using now.

if you are a blogger then you must have some tools to do blogging well.

Best Blogging Tools For Your Blogs or Website

10 Best Blogging Tools For Your Blogs or Website

here I am recommending you only that tools which I used or using now for my website.

Email Marketing Tools

#1. HelloBar
HelloBar is a tool that I used to collect email list from my website.

it provides you with many templates to collect the email of your site visitors,
sign up and get your hello bar now.

#2. MailChimp
MailChimp is one of the most famous Email Marketing or Email automation tool. and it provides you with free services.

Sign up and get your MailChimp account.

get more Email marketing tools for your email marketing.

Social Media Tools

#3. Buffer
The Buffer is the most popular social media management tool. it helps you to manage your social media account efficiently.

#4. Sumo
Sumo is one of my favorite tools because it helps me to add the social share button on my site. before using sumo I used many but I don't feel good like sumo.

it is the best, I have ever used. it has many services & tools for your website. example share button on the sidebar. you can Sign up for here.

Keyword Research

#5. SEMRush
SEMRush is a keyword research or backlinks analysis can find the Best keyword for your site by using SEMRush tool.

#6. Google Keyword Planner
Google keyword is a very famous tool for Keyword Research. it is provided by Google for free.

here I have already shared 9 keyword research tool to select the best keyword. 

Image Stock for website

#7. Canva
Canva is my favorite tool to create images for blogs or website. I like Canva because it has a lot of predefined templates.

Shutterstock has a huge collection of images. it has free or premium services.

you can also use Shutterstock editor for design creation.

or you can check 9 free images websites for your blog.

Send & Receive payment international

#9. PayPal
Paypal is one of the famous tools to send and receive payment online from anywhere in the world.

#10. Payoneer
Payoneer is also very famous tools to send and receive payment online like Paypal.

so these are the blogging tools that I am using for my website.

Spelling Mistakes & Correction

#11. Grammarly
Grammarly is one of my favorite tools, I downloaded its chrome extension.

it is helping me a lot to write a good article without grammatical mistakes.

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