How To Write An SEO Friendly Article (9 Best Tips)

Are you optimizing your article for the Search engine?

are your article is SEO friendly?

Here I am going to tell you some secret's that you can use for writing the SEO friendly article.

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article

9 Best Tips to Write SEO Friendly Article

you know what is the main factor that makes visitors feel happy, your content.

content is everything or content is king.

if no one is visiting your content then you know what is the problems.

you are not showing your content or not making visible it.

But do you know what are the ways to write an SEO friendly article?

How To Write an SEO Friendly Article

writing an article is very easy...but making it is a little time-consuming process.

Think Before You Write

you know what happens in reality, when we write an article we don't think about topic deeply...

first, you have to think deeply and write content.

Create Attractive Structure

second, you have to make an attractive structure of your content, if your content is organized or structured then it seems attractive.

Write in Paragraphs

you should write your article in the shape of paragraphs. it helps users to read comfortably.

Only one Keyword

target your audience for a single keyword, I know it sounds strange but also it increases your chances to get traffic.

Relevant Headings

heading separates one paragraph to another, so make sure you are using relevant headings where required.

Length of article

make sure you are writing at least 1500- 2000 words article

Add content Regularly

try to update content on a regular basis because it increases your audience engagement.

Make other people read your post

don't write articles for bots or search engine only.

make sure you are writing a user-friendly post or readable for other people.

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