6 Killer Time-management Tips For Everyone

अक्तूबर 28, 2018
Everyone has 24 hours in daily life, but do you know how successful people do their time management.


Time-management Tips

are you utilizing your 24 hours in your daily life... 


at least 12 hours...


at least 8 hours.

then you are wasting your time for temporary gratification.

here are some tips for you to manage your time well.

"Time is important"

you know better than me about it.

now you are going to have those secret tips which will make you a well time saver.

before starting next I will recommend you to write down your goals before following tips.

these are not tips, it is habits to manage your precious time.

So let's start.

Killer Time-management Tips For Everyone

Tips no. 1 People have addicted to social media so the first thing you have to do is to avoid social media if possible.


social media is the biggest time waster but I am not telling you don't use it.

you can use it for a specific purpose such as building Brands, Businesses, Startups, etc,

or half an hour daily to get up to date.

Tips no. 2 Second thing don't check your emails after every one hour of notification.

check your emails only twice or thrice a day.

make your own timetable to open emails like (12PM, 4PM, 8PM in a daily).

Tips no. 3 Avoid to watch TV, or if you have a TV at home then watch only edutainment (educational + entertainment) shows.


Tips no. 4 Avoid meetings and face-to-face conversations.


if anyone asks you to meet then ask him or her what outcome will we get after these meetings.

or tell them to email me at yourMail@gmail.com with a details plan.

Tips no. 5 make the habit to create the to-do list or setting the table.


be clear, what you are going to do.

organize the list and make the plan for it.

and take immediate action on your plan because you will get the result of your action, at the end.

Tips no. 6 Finish your important task in the morning.

because in the morning your willpower is high and you will feel relaxed the whole day after completing the task.

and don't forget to make it a habit.

Tips no. 7 you can also manage your time by generating passive income.

but first, you should have passive income ideas to generate the income so you need not work 9 to 5 job.


if you follow these above tips your tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

you can save your valuable time to improve yourself so start investing in yourself.

it will give you the highest Return on Investment or ROI.

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