Demat Account Meaning - How to Open Demat Account in India

नवंबर 21, 2018
What is Demat Account?

Demat Account Meaning

A Demat or "Dematerialized" account holds shares in an electronic form.

or we can say that when you buy shares of a company from the stock market you can put them on a Demat account until you don't want to sell them.

in general, Demat Account is similar to your bank account but the difference is you hold shares on it.

when you will open your Demat account with a stockbroker, stockbroker will associate your Demat account with Depository Participant(DPs).

National Securities Depository Ltd.(NSDL)
Central Depository Services Ltd.(CDSL)

How to Open Demat Account?

  • Approach a Trusted Broker registered with NSE or BSE.
  • open zero brokerage or minimum brokerage Demat account.
  • don't forget to attach address proof or PAN card
  • open full KYC account

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