Nov 21, 2018

What is SIP? - How to Start a SIP

What is sip-systematic-investment-plan

What is SIP?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is the best way to invest your money in the mutual funds.

Mutual funds are a way to grow your funds in the long-time.

you need to save money regularly.

you need to invest to grow your money.

you need to put your money in the stock market. but you no need to worry about it.

the best way is "SIP" or Systematic Investment Plan.

Why SIP?

if you do SIP, it has many advantages such as-

you can plan better with SIP.

you can manage your budget & expenses.

you can invest a small amount(500 rs.) regularly and get higher returns.

you can get the advantage of Power of compounding.

Automatic payment every month via bank account.

no need to worry about market ups & downs.

it makes you a disciplined to manage your finance.

How To Start SIP

you need to do KYC to start SIP.

you need to contact your bank or fund house to start investing through SIP.

before starting SIP set your investment goals or purpose, according to your goals need to choose one.

SIP Calcuator will make you easy to set your goals.

SIP will give you higher returns only in the long duration. it also reduces risk and taxes.
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