Dec 24, 2018

What is Investing - Why Investing?

Investing is a process where to make money in the future by putting money into Assets etc.


Investing can set you free- free from the struggle of earning a living and worrying about money.

What is Investing

Investing is a long-term process, so early you start early you'll be prosperous.

the best age for starting investing is young age when you are in teenage.

World's Most successful Investor Warren Buffet says "He started investing at the age of Eleven".

so start with small amount of money to gain the experience and after learning the art of investing you can put a huge amount of money.

Why We Should Invest?

if you want to

make your own house,
better education of children,
a good retirement plan,
achieve financial freedom,
create the wealth, etc.

Where To Invest?

people who are well educated are also don't know about investing.

it is not their fault.

our education system doesn't teach us about money.

How money works?
How the money will work for us?
How to earn money by Investing?

so people don't know about investing and where to invest.

here are some ways to invest.

1. Fixed Deposits
4. Real Estate
5. Gold or Silver
6. Commodities
7. Businesses

these are some ways to invest your Money.

Points to Be Remember

smartly select the investment plan.

if you want higher Return at low risk, learn about investing.

Return on Investment is not same in all investing methods.
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