What is the Best-Saving Vs Investing

दिसंबर 27, 2018
Saving and Investing words are related to finance or Money.

do you want to buy a house?
do you want to travel the world?
do you want a better future?
do you want to live financially free?
do you want to create wealth?
do you want to support your family?

everything requires money, the best way to get a huge amount of money by saving and investing.

Saving Vs Investing

Saving: when you put your money into a piggy bank or safety wallet is called saving.

Investing: when you put your money into Fixed deposits, real estate, gold, silver stock market, mutual funds, etc. are called investing.

learn more about money:

"Money is an Idea that is more clearly seen with your mind-  Robert T. Kiyosaki"

Learn what rich person teach their child and what poor person teach about money.

Saving and Investing both are the complement to each other, without saving you cannot invest or without investing you cannot save.

Things happen to People who do not invest

  1. they have to work hard their whole lives
  2. they always worry about money all their lives
  3. they depend on family, government, or a company pension to take care of them
  4. they will not know what is financial freedom
people who save money their future will be more prosperous than who don't save.

in our life saving and investing both are important to create wealth for the future.

Points to be Remember

Savers are Losers: who save money in the saving banks or piggy bank are losers.

Financial Freedom: investing is the key to financial freedom.

Investing is not Risky: most people believe investing is risky- investing is risky if you lack financial education, experience, and guidance.

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