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How To Setup Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is a service provider company.
it provides services such as

delivery network services,
DDoS mitigation,
Internet security
distributed domain name server services.

if you want to use the Cloudflare for your domain security or to get Free SSL.

this tutorial will Help you.

How To Create Cloudflare Free CDN Account

you can create a free account on the Cloudflare website to get the free Https://
means you can make your website secure.

1. Go to Cloudflare and click on the Signup link at the top

2. Create a Cloudflare account by using your email address and make a password.

3. Enter the naked domain name of your website and then click Add Site.

naked domain name means no need to add "www" to the domain.

4. Cloudflare will scan your domain's DNS records.

it will take 60 seconds to complete. and then click Next.

5.Select a plan according to your requirement

and Confirm your Plan.

6. it will display a list of all the DNS records found in your domain, including your subdomains.

if you want to add more DNS records, just select record name and enter the details.

and then click on continue.

7. last step, you need to change Cloudflare nameservers for your domain.

(go to the domain provider site & login with your account and update it)

it will be displayed on the screen for your domain name.

You can also find your Cloudflare nameservers in your dashboard under the Overview section.

congrats you have successfully Setup Cloudflare Free CDN.

Best Keyword Research Tips For Your Website

How you do Keyword Research for your blog articles?

A keyword is the most important part of the post or article.

Keyword Research: How to Do Keyword Search

before writing an article it is necessary to keyword research and all the SEO professional performs keyword research to write an article.

to find a proper keyword for your topics, you have to follow some steps.

now get the 9 keyword research tool for free.

What is Keyword Research?

Searching for a keyword is not at all a difficult task but choosing the right keyword can create some complexity.

do you know how to select the best keyword for the article?

here are some tips to choose the best keyword.

Pick a Niche

first, choose a specific niche to research the keyword for you.

I will recommend you to choose a small niche because it will help you to rank fast.

Booming Topics

second, choose the topics that are booming, you can choose any topic related to technology, health and more.

and create content around these booming topics.

Use Quora

as you know Quora is questions- answers platforms but you can use it to analyze the keyword.

search your related industries keyword and check what question people are asking.

make a great content on that topics so your chance will be better to get more traffic.

Analyze Competitor

competitor analysis is also a way to get the best keyword.

just search for a specific keyword and select the topmost results on google.

use tools like Ahrefs, Moz etc. to find the best keywords.

Selecting the best keyword can help you to increase your organic website traffic.

hope you got some information about how to choose the best Keyword for your articles.

My Best Blogging Tools For Your Website

Today I am going to share with you best blogging tools I personally using now.

if you are a blogger then you must have some tools to do blogging well.

Best Blogging Tools For Your Blogs or Website

10 Best Blogging Tools For Your Blogs or Website

here I am recommending you only that tools which I used or using now for my website.

Email Marketing Tools

#1. HelloBar
HelloBar is a tool that I used to collect email list from my website.

it provides you with many templates to collect the email of your site visitors,
sign up and get your hello bar now.

#2. MailChimp
MailChimp is one of the most famous Email Marketing or Email automation tool. and it provides you with free services.

Sign up and get your MailChimp account.

get more Email marketing tools for your email marketing.

Social Media Tools

#3. Buffer
The Buffer is the most popular social media management tool. it helps you to manage your social media account efficiently.

#4. Sumo
Sumo is one of my favorite tools because it helps me to add the social share button on my site. before using sumo I used many but I don't feel good like sumo.

it is the best, I have ever used. it has many services & tools for your website. example share button on the sidebar. you can Sign up for here.

Keyword Research

#5. SEMRush
SEMRush is a keyword research or backlinks analysis can find the Best keyword for your site by using SEMRush tool.

#6. Google Keyword Planner
Google keyword is a very famous tool for Keyword Research. it is provided by Google for free.

here I have already shared 9 keyword research tool to select the best keyword. 

Image Stock for website

#7. Canva
Canva is my favorite tool to create images for blogs or website. I like Canva because it has a lot of predefined templates.

Shutterstock has a huge collection of images. it has free or premium services.

you can also use Shutterstock editor for design creation.

or you can check 9 free images websites for your blog.

Send & Receive payment international

#9. PayPal
Paypal is one of the famous tools to send and receive payment online from anywhere in the world.

#10. Payoneer
Payoneer is also very famous tools to send and receive payment online like Paypal.

so these are the blogging tools that I am using for my website.

Spelling Mistakes & Correction

#11. Grammarly
Grammarly is one of my favorite tools, I downloaded its chrome extension.

it is helping me a lot to write a good article without grammatical mistakes.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Article (9 Best Tips)

Are you optimizing your article for the Search engine?

are your article is SEO friendly?

Here I am going to tell you some secret's that you can use for writing the SEO friendly article.

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article

9 Best Tips to Write SEO Friendly Article

you know what is the main factor that makes visitors feel happy, your content.

content is everything or content is king.

if no one is visiting your content then you know what is the problems.

you are not showing your content or not making visible it.

But do you know what are the ways to write an SEO friendly article?

How To Write an SEO Friendly Article

writing an article is very easy...but making it is a little time-consuming process.

Think Before You Write

you know what happens in reality, when we write an article we don't think about topic deeply...

first, you have to think deeply and write content.

Create Attractive Structure

second, you have to make an attractive structure of your content, if your content is organized or structured then it seems attractive.

Write in Paragraphs

you should write your article in the shape of paragraphs. it helps users to read comfortably.

Only one Keyword

target your audience for a single keyword, I know it sounds strange but also it increases your chances to get traffic.

Relevant Headings

heading separates one paragraph to another, so make sure you are using relevant headings where required.

Length of article

make sure you are writing at least 1500- 2000 words article

Add content Regularly

try to update content on a regular basis because it increases your audience engagement.

Make other people read your post

don't write articles for bots or search engine only.

make sure you are writing a user-friendly post or readable for other people.

9 Best Royalty Free Images Stock For Websites

Do you have any source of Free images for your website?

Free Images Website For you

Best Royalty Free Images Stock For Websites

An Image is better than a thousand words, Images increase your audience retention.

The design is a way to communicate with users or customers or client.

you can use well design free images or own created images to communicate.

Today I will tell you where you can get free images or free stock photos for your website.

I have already shared about free keyword research tool to search the best keyword this time free images stock website.

Free Stock Photos Website

#1. Canva
Canva is one of my favorite tool to create my own free images.

it has lots of templates which help me to create design or images very easily.

#2. Pixabay
Pixabay is a huge collection of free images. you can use Pixabay's images with modification.

it has a large collection of vector images.

#3. Pexels
Pexels has also a huge collection of free images or free stock photos.

it has a wide range of stock photos or images.

#4. Shutterstock
Shutterstock is a very famous website for free stock photos and premium photos.

you can sell your own images on Shutterstock and earn passive income.

it provides royalty free images and videos.

#5. Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons is also a great source of free images for the website.

#6. Shopify
Shopify also provides royalty free corporate images or business related stock photos.

#7. FreeRange
Freerangestock has also a huge collection of free images which you can use for your website.

#8. Google Fonts
Google Fonts is not a collection of free images but you can get a huge library of fonts.

if you are creating your own design then it may be useful.

Gravit is similar to Canva means you can create your own images or design with it.

Why Royalty Free Images?

if you want to use royalty free images you can refer all the websites above mentioned.

we use Royalty free images because we need not give any penny and it increases our revenue.