Entrepreneurship लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
Entrepreneurship लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

Entrepreneur Meaning (Entrepreneur Definition)

अक्तूबर 28, 2018
What do you want to be when you grow up?

An Employee or a businessman or an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Definition

An Entrepreneur who establishes or runs a small business and assumes all the risk or revenue.

Entrepreneur Meaning ,Entrepreneur Definition

An Entrepreneur knows the passive income ideas so they work only hard at the starting successful business after that they do not need to work hard.

The entrepreneur doesn't work for others instead of working for others they start their own business.

they can work smart means he or she arranges people to work for their businesses.

An Entrepreneur or a Businessman don't work for money, they work to help the people or to provide great services to them.

The entrepreneur thinks they can change the world with their ideas or they do.

They know well how to build a successful business/startup.

Successful Entrepreneurs

most successful entrepreneurs are dropped out from school but they know better than are the A grades students but it doesn't mean you should drop out too.

the list of successful entrepreneurs is very long but here are a few names of famous entrepreneurs who changed the world.

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft software company)
  • Steve Jobs (Apple computer company)
  • Walt Disney (Disney Animation company)
the name list of famous entrepreneurs is very huge.

Entrepreneurial Skills

mostly entrepreneurs are problem-solving, they solve the problems of other people facing in their lives.

if you will solve the specific problems then you are also an Entrepreneur.

but you know what makes a person an entrepreneur, they look the world by the mind, not by the eyes.

How to Start a Successful Business / Startup

अक्तूबर 28, 2018
Successful management runs a successful business.

you may think about the best business to start but you need to think out of the Box.

How to Start a Successful  Business / Startup

How to Start a Successful  Business / Startup

creating a high-quality product is very easy but creating demand is hard.

You can start N numbers of businesses but the chance of creating a successful business is very less.

your business or startup will be successful immediately when you start a monopoly business.

monopoly business means the only business that is running by you not any other person.

so don't try to create a business which has no demand instead of creating a product which is filling the demand.

you know better it is much easier to fill the demand.

start small but think big to build a successful business or startup company.

Start a Successful  Monopoly Business / Startup

How to Start a Successful Monopoly Startup

here are the tips to create a successful business.

make your startup or business meaningful with these questions.

  • what problem your business is solving?
  • what product or services are you offering?
  • why people should bye only your products?
  • why you think your customers really need your company?
  • what will happen if your business were gone tomorrow?
  • how much your product or services is making differences in customers live?
think for a while, take the time to ask these questions to yourself.

I am 100% sure if you start your business by thinking these above questions, you can start a successful business without getting risk.

don't forget the word "Monopoly" to build a successful startup.

11 Passive Income Ideas For Earning Money As You Sleep

अक्तूबर 20, 2018
do you know about Passive Income? in this article, I am going to share with you 11 passive income ideas.

Passive Income Ideas

yes, my friends, you can buy a lot of liabilities but you know what it takes money out from your pockets or Bank account.

Make money while you are sleeping.

passive income is the way to make money while you are sleeping, but you have to build your assets column.

only assets will make you rich or wealthy.

What is Passive Income?

An Entrepreneur earns passive income while a Professional earns active income.

Generate Passive Income

passive income means you will not need to work the whole day means you developed one idea or business, which is generating income for you.

active income is generated by professionals such as a lawyer, Doctor, Web developers, chartered accountant etc and they need to work more.

Passive income ideas

Start Investing

you can save money but saving money is not a good way to generate passive income.

passive income sources

there are words for savers who save money.

"Savers are Losers", yes saving money is not bad but if you want to generate passive income then you have to learn about investing.

you can earn huge money by investing in a good company or acquiring a great business.

there are different ways to invest your money according to your risk-taking capabilities.

you can start investing in stock market, bonds, commodities and etc.

Buy Real Estate

Buying real state is not possible for everyone but if you are capable to buy then you can buy real estate.

passive income idea

real estate also gives you chances to generate passive income.

it is similar to investing but you have to invest in real estate.

after some period of time, you will generate passive income by real estate.

Rent Your Space

if you have a large house and many rooms are available, no one is using those rooms then you can rent that space.

passive income by rent house

there is a lot of option to rent your space like Airbnb etc.

Become A Blogger

you can share your experience or skills through a blog to the world.

starting a blog is a very easy process, it takes hardly one hour.

generate passive income

start writing the article and after sometimes, you can monetize your blog to generate the passive income.

or you can also buy a blog which is already getting traffic so it will generate revenue very soon for you.

online Courses

you can also start your online courses to the large internet communities.

there are a lot of websites are offering to become a tutor.

ideas passive income

or you can start your own website where you can deliver your content regularly.

youtube, Udemy and more these type of websites are a great way to share your skills.

Start your own E-commerce website

you can also sell your own product by starting your e-commerce site.

e-commerce passive income idea

it is also a great way to earn passive income.

I know it is sounding tittle bit strang but after sometimes later it will generate huge money or passive income for you.

Outsource skills

if you have the knowledge to manage the people or professional then you can also outsource those professionals.

passive income ideas by outsourcing

yes, nowadays skilled professionals are very less so you can start training institute with masters.

and outsource them to the industry.

Start Selling Photos

if you are a traveler and you love to capture the moment, then you can sell those captured images on free images stock.

free images stock will pay you a handsome passive income for those photos.

Sell Ebook Online

you can create an Ebook based on your experience or skills.

and you can sell those Ebooks online to earn passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a good way to generate a handsome passive income.

passive income by affiliate marketing

in Affiliate marketing, you need not to do anything, only you have to register for partner program or affiliate program.

after that, you have to promote link or banner provided by those sites.

you can use social media, website or any other method to promote an affiliate link.

but make sure you are not using any wrong method otherwise your partnership can be canceled.

Create an App

by creating an App, you can earn passive income.

passive income by creating app

I know, you are not a programmer but if you have a great idea then you can hire an android or IOS developer for creating an app.

you can monetize your app, or by providing some services you can charge your customers.