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How To Add Social Share Button In Your Website

why should you add the social share button?

Adding the Social sharing button is very easy in your blog or websites, but do you know why we should add the share button.

How To Add Modern Social Share Button in Blogger or Wordpress

here I am going to share with you what is the advantages of the social sharing button.

the main benefits of adding the social share button are that it increases your social media sharing.

but you are thinking how to add these share button on your website or blog. right?

you can get many free social share buttons but there are problems with free buttons.

free buttons don't look attractive that's why I am recommending you modern social sharing buttons for your site.

so let's begin the task.

How To Add Sumo Social Share Button in Blogger or Wordpress

Sumo is a free tool to automate your site growth and it has also premium tools but here we will use social share button for free.

go to the sumo and signup

after signup, you need to install code on your website.

copy the code available for your site and select the platforms Wordpress or Blogger or whatever best you are using.

now go to the dashboard of your blogger

select the layout

now you need to add HTML/javascript widget

click on the Add a Widget-> HTML/javascript 

paste the copied code and save.

now click on the save arrangement button

that's it you have successfully added modern social sharing buttons on your blog or website.

now go to your website and check it will show you according to your customizations.

How To Make Best Use Of Quora For SEO

Are you thinking to use Quora? but do you know how to use Quora?

How To Make Best Use Of Quora For SEO

everyone has some questions on their mind for that questions they are looking answers.

but who will answers? 

where they will get answers?

when they will get answers?

have you any idea about it.

Quora is a Question Answers platform where questions are asked or answered.

it is the best platform to ask questions and connect with people.

but how to use it effectively for best results.

here I will show you how I use Quora?

so let's start now.

if you want to use Quora then you must have an account on it. you can log in with your Google or Facebook account.

after successful login, you are able to ask a question or answer the questions.

How to ask a Question on Quora

asking a question on Quora is a very simple process.

just click on the add question or link button
it will show you on the dialog box.

How to ask a Question on Quora

type your questions whatever you have, a link if you want to add.

if you don't want to share your profile checked to add anonymously, at last after entering your question click on the Add Question button.

that's it.

you have successfully added a question.

How to answer a Question on Quora

if you want to answer a question you have to choose the different-different category with your interest.

or when you open Quora, it will automatically recommend you questions to view based on your activity.

here you how to answer
How to answer a Question on Quora

click on the Answer button and start answering.
Quora editor

after writing your answer click on the submit button.

you've done.

if you are running any business, blogs or websites then you can put site link.

many digital marketers are using Quora platform for the branding purpose or for building backlinks.

you can also use it to help peoples searching for answers or own purpose.

How To Create A Google+ Pages for Your Blog

Google+ is a product of Google.Inc, it is an internet-based social network.

How To Create A Google+ Brand Pages For Your Blog or Website

a lot of users use Google+ to connect with friends, family, even many companies use Google plus to engage with the customer.

I have already written about how to create a Facebook business page for your website or brand.

in this article, I'm going to show you how to create A Google+ brand pages for your website.

you must have a Google account to create a Google+ page for your brand.

so Let's begin.

First, go to the Google+ site

click on the sign in button and sign in with your Google account.

after login click on the Brands, almost last of the left sidebar menu
now create your Googl+p age clicking on 

and then enter your brand Account name
click on create and now your brand Google+ page is successfully created.

now you just have to enable it.

How To Create A Business Facebook Page For Free

Have you created your Facebook Page for your branding?

Facebook has a large users community, every month around 2.23 billion users are active on Facebook.

How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Blog or Website

there are many ways or sources to get the traffic to your website.

but Facebook can be a great source to drive traffic to your blog or website.

I have created one Facebook page for my website and peoples are connecting with my page.

if you want to connect or engage with your customers or audiences then you must have a Facebook page.

creating a page on Facebook is very easy. it takes only 2 minutes to create.

you can create a Facebook page for your website or brand.

now I'm going to show you how to create or make a Facebook page for your website.

Creating A Facebook Page

let's start.

First, you need to sign in into your Facebook account.

after signing in click on the create button available on the top-right.

Create A Facebook Page

Select a page Category Facebook
now it will show you options to create a page, ad, Group, event, and marketing listing.

so just select page option to create a facebook page.

now choose a category for your Facebook page and click on get started button.

Facebook page name and category
enter your brand page name and category with address and continue.

add your page's profile or cover picture or skip it for later.

that's it you have successfully created a brand page on Facebook.

now more little work you have to do is just add a short description of your page.

or see all page tips to improve your page visibility so that you can reach more audience or customers.

after that keep posting your content for the engagement.